Why China’s record-breaking death after 3 days in theaters?

“Asura” is a movie made in six years with more than $ 112 million investment. But the movie stopped short after just three days in theaters in astonishment.

Aru La film investment over $ 100 million China Asura (A Tu La) is expected to block the big screen in 2018 but died prematurely only after 3 days.

6 years of pregnancy and make, cost more than $ 112 million of production costs, 20 units involved in the implementation, fantasy film Asura (A Tu La ) is expected to be the most anticipated blockbuster Chinese-language screen.

But in the worst nightmare, director Zhang Bang also did not expect the film to fail so badly. On 22/7, the film crew announced to stop A Tu La show after three days to the cinema and refused to give specific reasons.

Impossible failure

Jack Ma’s Alibaba Pictures were confident with the powerful crew, the talented cast and scriptwriter, A Tu La would break all previous records. The movie debuted on July 13. Indeed, soon after, the film made a record, but a sad record.

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The image of A Sua three headed takes a new year to complete.

According to Sina , the film only grossed $ 7.1 million in its first three days. A record low, far less than two films with lower budgets at the same time. Ta do not win the key by Jiang Wen, Banh Vu Yen to collect about 46.5 million. The Dying to Survive comedy is up to $ 68.5 million in revenue.

“Certainly a heavy hole,” which is the view of many Chinese film critics. Many commented that the stop movie is the move from the production crew to edit the film at the request of the audience to save the hole.

Interviewed by Sina , a production unit representative, Ningxia Corporation, denies this rumor. “We stopped the show not because of the movie content. So the movie information for editing is not accurate. We are talking about the movie being criticized by some media for deliberately defaming the movie, including the Maoyan, “the representative said.

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Why should China's membership continue after three years?  hinh anh 2
Female characters like Dragon Mother in Game of Throne .

“Ever since the movie was released, I have not been able to publish it yet,” the producer said.

Obviously, 20 A La La producers are really deadlocked in the box office disaster. It is suggested that they should calculate the line online to collect money instead of percentage to the cinema system.

A question arises: “Why A La La from the block record, super hundred million dollars back so miserable scene?”

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